How to uninstall Nvidia drivers?

I want to install the newest version of the proprietary Nvidia graphics driver, the community repo was way out of date. As far as I’m aware there’s no other repository for openSUSE.
The older version has to be uninstalled first, how? Nvidia repository has been removed already. I opened Yast software manager, do I remove all packages marked in red? There are five proprietary packages.

You can install the drivers nvidia provides on their site following this guide:

This guide doesn’t tell me how to uninstall the existing drivers.
I’ll probably switch distro. Updating manually is a pain and the stable 13.2 version is fairly old at this point.

Right click them in Yast it will give list of options

Note also that there is at the bottom a version tab

To install the drivers you need to be in a console, so I guess this should be no problem: when you’re running the nvidia installer and there are older drivers intalled, the installer itself will tell you which ones are installed and the command to remove them.

Just tell Yast to remove them :wink:

I want to install the newest version of the proprietary Nvidia graphics driver,

The Version 340.93 is the newest Version 340 from Sept. 9th…

340.93 is newest for GO3 flavour but GO4 flavour is at 352.41

But the OP did not mention the actual card so hard to say if GO4 driver will work with it :open_mouth:

My card is GTX 780 Ti, **352.55 **is the latest stable Nvidia Linux driver. Is there another repo I can use?

**Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver**
Version:     352.55
Release Date:     2015.10.14
Operating System:     Linux 64-bit
Language:     English (US)
File Size:     74.1 MB

Why not the G04 from the Repo?

Please tell me more. I don’t know about proprietary software repos since they aren’t official.

Well just add the NVIDIA repo in Yast and search for nvidia and uninstall or install what you want

He means (according to the picture you uploaded on the first post of this thread) you may be using the wrong package from the repository: in that picture it shows you have the G03 package (nvidia-glG03) and all of its dependencies and that package may not suit your card, there’s another package on that same repository, nvidia-glG04 which is currently running 352.41 community driver (which is not the same than nvidia’s driver itself, in my case using a nvidia 980m the community driver was updated still on september 3rd and the nvidia one didn’t change since August 28th, sometimes they include the small fixes into the same package)

Besides unless you’re having any problem with your card I recommend you to stay with the community driver, changes from nvidia are usually small and sometimes the newest driver won’t work in your current kernel, which will cause X server to crash and not run at all.

If you still want to update the newest driver, you can always follow this guide: SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE Wiki

If you follow the steps in there AND you have a previous version or a different version of nvidia drivers installed, the installer itself will tell you which package it is and the command to remove it, just exit the installer, remove the packages and start installation again.

Count me as surprised. On my system with Nvidia graphics, the driver from the repo has been updated several times, and is at the latest version. And I didn’t need to do anything other than run updates.

  1. to uninstall the drivers installed through YAST, use the YAST tool to delete them.
    2, if the drivers have been installed manually, exit X and as root go to the folder you ran the installer from and run the installer again with --uninstall tagged on to the end.
sh NVIDIAXXX>XX --uninstall

XXX.XX being whatever the installer is named.
This will remove them satisfactorily, I’ve done it many times