How to Turn Off the Web Cam

My laptop is Benq Joybook R45 with a built in webcam, as soon as I boot with Suse the Web camera is switched on and remains on all the time, how can I switch it off as its unnecessarily using power and heating up the laptop.

Thanks a lot for your help.

I’ve got the same problem. I can occassionally turn it of by testing webcam in skype and turning the skype off afterwards.

I’d expect there is some kind of power management or device management software already.

This reads like a bug in the kernel module to me (or possibly (but imho less likely) in the openSUSE boot sequence).

As a work around, you could try unloading the kernel module associated. It that works, then perhaps create a couple of small scripts (and put an icon on the desktop for each) to load and unload the kernel module. Then upon boot you could have the kernel module unloaded by having the script called automatically. And then before you run any webcam application you would have to have the script that uses the webcam launched. There are ways to sort of work around and automate that also. Its all a bit of a ‘hack’ but if this is a bug, then it might work around what you are experiencing.

Did you try searching on your webcam model/make (vendor-id/device-id) and linux webcam driver (kernel module) to see if others have experienced the same?

Nope. Well, I am a newbie (just two weeks of linux) and I thought it would be easy to configure somewhere in system settings or YAST.

However, I’ve found a turn off script that works fine:
mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l:device=/dev/video0

No problem to turn it on automatically, when starting up a new video conversation.