How to turn off mouse keys

After upgrading to 11.3, from 11.2, I apparently have only one nagging problem: the numpad doesn’t work. After doing some research I found the problem is obviously that mouse keys is on; shift-numlock fixed it. But, I can’t find any place in YaST or KDE System Settings to change that. Where did it go?

I did look in the xorg.conf.d folder and checked all the files there, but no luck.

So where do I find this setting?

this may give a clue if Gnome:
Linux Gnome Numeric Keypad Disabled [ Mouse keys ]

I am using KDE 4.4.4 updated with zypper. And no, that doesn’t help. The problem, as stated above, I have been unable to find the mouse keys setting, and I have looked through all the panels in System Settings where I’m pretty sure it used to be.

I don’t have KDE4.4.4 so I am at a loss here … may be someone else can help as there was many things moved to new homes in KDE4.4.x

A question comes to mind: can you move the mouse with the num pad? In KDE4 4.5.2 it’s in Systemsettings - Input devices, might be different in your KDE version. In systemsettings you see a search field, enter ‘mouse’ in it, and see which icons remain colored. Those are the ones containing ‘mouse’.
In 4.5.2 it’s found in Input Devices - Mouse - Mouse navigation. If I turn that on, I cannot use the num pad on my laptop. If I turn it off again, I can use the nun pad as usual.