How to transfer swap partition to OS drive from external?

Yeah, I’ll make sure to delete unwanted SWAPs on secondary internal drives during my next installation, and if I forget, I’ll see whether I can easily wipe a partition using Expert and combine it with Guided subsequently.


@rokejulianlockhart I wouldn’t delete, just change the type so it’s not detected and see if that makes a difference…

I’m only referring to when I inevitably have to reinstall. There’s no need to keep around SWAP partitions during that, right? However, I’m gonna play around with things like what you suggest in a VM since someone at Bugzilla sensibly suggested that.

Swap has advantages and is required for stuff like hibernation, suspend and so on. Most people don‘t follow Karls advice as he has some out of world setups that are not feasable for normal and power users. And his opinion that „ dealing with swap is a hassle“ is FUD and not backed by facts.


@hui on Tumbleweed and MicroOS that has/is changed… kernel lockdown and secure boot == no hibernate, suspend to RAM (probably), containers… Times they are a changing…

I’ve not run swap for a long time or secure-boot :wink:

I’m using Tumbleweed and easily enable Hibernation every time I install. What do you refer to, @MalcolmLewis?

@rokejulianlockhart secure-boot eg

Oh, good thing that the installer automatically disabled secure boot for me, then. Thanks.

@rokejulianlockhart does your hardware support the likes of secure boot and tpm 2.0?

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I expect so. I purchased this motherboard last week.

@rokejulianlockhart I suspect so… I go for new and old stuff here ebay and amazon :wink:

Yeah, that was me most of my life. I’m just lucky to have finally come upon some money. And of course it’s gonna be spent on tech. :>

@rokejulianlockhart I just prefer waiting for bargains :wink: I’m in no rush. This system I have suffices for me now 36 threads, 128GB of ECC RAM, two nvidia cards, NVMe’s, three screens etc…

Then your “bargains” are doing you splendidly! That system at least matches mine in terms of sheer amount of… everything, if not exceeds it. Good work.

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Want to add: Times are changing for the better: Infamous Host erlangen

Kudos to the developers of openSUSE Tumbleweed, who massively contributed to becoming true, what seemed to be impossible for several decades.

Some minor annoyances still exist, such as the preposterous claims of users regarding infamous host erlangen.

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Don‘t you think that calling a 08/15 box sitting somewhere in frankonia „infamous“ isn‘t annoying either for all sane users and admins? And don‘t you think claiming that these ridiculous hosts are the only way to go and all other users and admins which do it in another way are dumb isn‘t even more annoying?

Experienced users and admins understand and acknowledge that there are different needs and ways to accomplish one goal. That is the the big advantage of linux. Only narrow minded ppl believe that their solution is the non plus ultra….


What the Hell is Erlangen? Can someone bring me up to speed? That post reads like a kind of weird-as-heck culty advertisement.

It’s just the hostname that Karl has assigned to his computer. Nothing mysterious there.


I quote from the linked post:

"Infamous host erlangen does away with virtually all annoyances in computing the author encountered since 1978.

The system relies on rolling hardware as well as rolling software. Current retail components supported by Tumbleweed out of the box are built into an ATX case."

I am sharing information on this project, which originated from a February 2014 build. The term “infamous host erlangen” was coined by forum administration.

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Yeah, I did read the linked post, but that didn’t explain it whatsoever. Thanks though.

I got the answer from

Like any other computer user, the allure of having virtually all issues negated is tempting. However, I expect that what you purport to be the solution to all issues actually necessitates a little more work than my current setup of… nothing custom whatsoever.