How to track down the cause of crashes

Well, the title says it all, I have something crashing my system.

It might be the random screensaver setting as it was an issue in 11.0 although I have not see it be an issue in 11.2.

Previously I though my computer was shutting itself down and because of that I started this thread:

opensuse 11.2 shutting down - openSUSE Forums

but now I know the issue is crashing it seems like I should start a separate thread as it’s a completely different question.

I guess I need to learn how to determine what caused a crash after I reboot a crashed system. So, other than blindly combing logs of which there are dozens, is there a smart methodical way to determine what is crashing a system after a restart? – when you are not around to see what the cause is as it happens.

Please try to be more exact about what’s going on. I’d rather help you try to find out, than giving you dozens of locations of log files.

What do you mean by ‘crashing’? What do you mean if you say the issue does not exist on 11.2? Is it solved then?

You can always check /var/log/messages, look what happened just before the last reboot.

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Reg gie wrote:
> I guess I need to learn how to determine what caused a crash

i just answered that question (or tried to) in your other thread,
please see