How to tighten ssh for nx connections?

Hi all. I’m on suse 10.2 running nxserver for remote connections. Now I would like to limit access to my pc just from specific ips. I tried editing file /etc/hosts.allow like follows

sshd: : allow
sshd: : allow
sshd: ALL : deny

. Now from I can connect to pc via konsole using ssh command, but when I try to use nx client, It hangs when authenticating user. How should I edit the /etc/host.allow that it would allow nx connections. Any suggestion appreciated. PS: If I uncomment the mentioned lines the nx connection works fine.

I’ve solved it, if anyone will need it. You have to add

sshd: localhost : allow

in /etc/hosts.allow, it’s kind a wirred thing, but it makes sense somehow :slight_smile: