How to terminate beagle by CLI???

From package manager it’s actin’ like a rabid dog. 3 attempts to un-install failed.

What’s the command syntax here?


> What’s the command syntax here?

there is a zypper command you can use at the command line interface,
but i don’t know the package names to pull…

REALLY easy, and as effective is to just turn off the indexing:

  • right click on the hound’s icon (all following are left click)
  • click on “Configure Kerry”
  • click on “Daemon Status” (tab)
  • click on the “Stop” button near top right
  • click on “Apply” button near bottom
  • click on “Indexing” (tab)
  • click (if required) “Start Beagle indexing service automatically”
    OFF (that is no X)
  • click “Apply”
  • click “Ok” and the window goes away and your dog sleeps until you
    go back to the configure and click him awake (but, no one ever does)…


Thanks guest… I turned off somethin’ in GUI by rt clickin’, but that ain’t helped too much so far.

Anybody know cli delete syntax for beagle?

you could try

 kill -9 beagle*

might help or

sudo zypper remove *beagle* 

be careful of this one, it may remove things you don’t want removed


Can someone explain why Kerry Beagle is even running by default?

Thanks for the info on turning it off in the GUI I would have added to your rep nut you were a guest.

to remove beagle

zypper rm kerry beagle

to stop beagle from indexing, without removing it.

touch ~/.dontrunbeagle

(as user, not as root)

deltaflyer44 schrieb:
> you could try
> Code:
> --------------------
> kill -9 beagle*
> --------------------

Why, oh why, do you advocate -9? That’s dangerous! Always try other
signals first, and use -9 only as a last resort. In fact, it’s
almost always best to try the default (-15, SIGTERM) first, which is
intended for that purpose and gives the killed program the chance to
shut down gracefully; in my experience, most will. If that fails,
try any or all of -1 (SIGHUP), -2 (SIGINT), -3 (SIGQUIT), and only
if these fail, use -9 (SIGKILL).

Also, unquoted wildcard characters in shell commands are expanded
into file names by the shell, which is obviously not what you want.

And finally, kill doesn’t accept process names as arguments, only
PIDs. You probably thought of killall or killproc, but even those
don’t accept wildcards in process names.

(Un)fortunately I don’t have any machines left with beagle installed,
so I cannot check what the silly mutt’s actual process name is, but
I seem to remember it was beagled or something similar. So the
recommended sequence to slay the beast would be:

killall beagled
– check if it’s gone; if not:
killall -INT beagled
– check if it’s still around; if so:
killall -KILL beagled


Follow this link
Re: [opensuse] I want to stop beagle

Good info Schmidt! Not your first day, huh!

> Can someone explain why Kerry Beagle is even running by default?

i think i read somewhere that Beagle requires Mono[tm]…and,
since Mono[tm] is a Novell trademarked project, including Beagle in
Novell’s supported openSUSE releases forces inclusion of Mono[tm]
and therefore increases Novell’s claimed user base, downloads,
propagation, acceptance, etc etc etc…

“follow the money” often applies, even in Open Source and/or Free