how to sync user account between AD and suse's directory?

how to sync user account between win’s AD and suse’s directory?

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Novell Identity Manager would be an easy way, assuming by “SUSE’s
directory” you mean the OpenLDAP implementation you can optionally setup
in SUSE. This isn’t a free option, though it is a very powerful one
that can do synchronization between any number of systems. See for more information via
NNTP (Novell’s forums, also available at

Good luck.

cpliu903 wrote:
> how to sync user account between win’s AD and suse’s directory?
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What are you really trying to do, just logon to the SuSE box with an AD account?

In this situation, the credentials aren’t stored locally, your logon is passed to the AD DC for authentication/authorization.

Once you’ve joined your box to the AD Domain, you only need to check the box to permit AD users. Also recommend checking the box to create a local file structure for that AD account.

If you really are trying to store AD locally (not a particularly good option without good reason), you can also try looking into Samba4 which currently only is in an Alpha stage at the Samba website(enables setting up *NIX as an AD DC).