How to switch zypper back to wget

How can I switch zypper back to wget? I’m sick of the aria2 speed (it takes several minutes to download a rpm that wget can fetch in under one second).

Can you explain how you switched from wget to zypper to make me undersatnd what you mean?

Might be easier to figure out what’s slowing down aria2 and add directives to its startup file to prevent it.

He means the downloading backend that zypper uses. It used to be wget.

Thanks, it is always nice to have people that can translate things from people that leave as many words out of their post as they can.

I saw a post on this recently and folk were ranting about aria2 p2p and ISP management of such traffic.
zypper is blindingly fast here

I don’t know if a switch is possible - but I’ll be interested to know.

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Thank you very much for insightful comments. If possible, please concentrate on the issue.

Btw. my description should be completely clear for someone who did at least read the OpenSuSe 11.2 release notes

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Buy the way, If you don’t understand that most every downloading software has a backend then stop giving advice.


Oh lighten up, it was a joke. :open_mouth:

Besides I gave him the answer, look into configuring aria2c to be not so slow. It works fine for me so it’s not necessarily anything wrong with aria2c.

To add more suggestions:

Maybe you are getting IPv6 addresses for the repos and aria2c is attempting those first?

If you want wget instead, look to see if there is some kind of template for invoking the backend, maybe something like %p %u %f meaning run program %p on URL %u saving to file %f. In that case it’s possible to substitute wget with the appropriate arguments. If it’s hardwired, bad luck.