How to switch to GNOME or Cinnamon


First of all, congratulations for your work.

I have installed a classroom for 8 people by following the guidelines I read in the wiki. It works “out of the box”. I wonder how can I choose GNOME or Cinnamon instead of KDE. I see you can boot to them in the Live DVD, but I didn’t see any way to pick them up in the installation process.

Thank you very much.


Actually there is no Live DVD. There are the following three choices:
a) Live KDE CD
b) Live Gnome CD
c) DVD

I suppose you used the Live KDE CD. If you use the Live Gnome CD, then Gnome is installed by default. The DVD gives you the option to select between KDE and Gnome, but it’s not Live (you can not boot and test openSUSE from that, only install).

You can also add the Gnome DE in your current installation, but you will end up with machines having both DEs, and both their programs (for example both Dolphin and Nautilus, Amarok and Banshee).

If both DEs is what you want, that is easily achieved by going into Yast > Software Management, then View by Patterns, tick Gnome Desktop Enviroment and Gnome Base System, and finally click apply.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the answer. I have used the OpenSUSE Life 12.2 DVD, which is a Live DVD, I think. At boot you can choose between Installation, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon … I am quite sure I booted from the DVD and chose one of these, I believe it was KDE. Then I played a bit with the system. I booted again and chose Installation. Then If I’m not mistaken KDE was installed with no other option.
My question is: can I have GNOME at the thin client sessions, or shoud I re-install, and how do I install GNOME, or Cinnamon? Shoud I live-boot to them and install “from there” once booted?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi, I’ve just realized that I didn’t mention I was using KIWI-LTSP.

I’m sorry but I was not aware of the Life DVD. In any case you can install the Gnome DE as I said previously

by going into Yast > Software Management, then View by Patterns, tick Gnome Desktop Environment and Gnome Base System, and finally click apply.

I should once again mention that this will slightly meddle things a bit, as you’ll also have both DE’s software compilation. For example, in KDE, Kickoff Application Launcher > Applications > System > File Manager will include both Dolphin (which you already have on your system) and Nautilus (which will by installed if you follow the advice above). If you ONLY want the Gnome DE and software (meaning you do NOT want KDE and it’s software), I think the simplest way is a complete reinstall, either with the Gnome Live CD or the Life DVD (provided it gives you the option to select as you mention).

Cinnamon, gnome, kde are all installed when installing li-f-e dvd, select session at the login screen. Default session in ltsp can be set in /srv/tftpboot/KIWI/root.default/etc/lts.conf LDM_SESSION, see man lts.conf.