how to switch off the kwallet

hello - months ago i set up kwallet on the opensuse 12.1

now - while setting up the knetworkmanger - the kwallet is disturbing the process.

every few mintues i get the poup with the message - “Insufficient Prifvileges” - that is very annoying.

well -how can i get rid of the kwallet again!?`

SO the question is, are you using Wireless or not? If you use Wireless in KDE then you need to setup and use Wallet.

If you use Network Manager for a wired connection, then Wallet is not required but might come up if you had an aborted attempt to set it up for some reason. In that case you would do:

Menu / System / Desktop Applet / KWalletManager / Settings / Configure Wallet / Wallet Preferences / and uncheck the Enable the KDE Wallet Subsystem and then log out and back into KDE.

Thank You,