how to switch from gnome to kde

Not sure if this is the correct place in the forum to post this but figured it was closer to what i want than the others.

I just installed opensuse11.4 from a livecd and would like to know how to change between the distros.
Not sure if I worded that right seeing as i am not 100 percent clear what a distro is. This is my first day ever on linux.

could really use some help here.

Please do not double post: see how to switch from gnome to kde

I think it would worthwhile for you to read this guide:

Concepts - openSUSE

KDE and Gnome are graphical desktop environments. This guide (written for openSUSE 11) will show you how to use the YaST package manager to install a new desktop environment:

Suse & OpenSuse Tips ยป How to install Gnome/KDE Desktop Environment on OpenSuse 11

A thread on the same:

Switching between Gnome and KDE Desktops

ya sorry about that I saw the application section not long after posting and dont know how to delete the old one. So any tips because I think I am just going to give up on it soon anyways

Thanks Deano_ferrari!

screw this i think i am just going to do a dvd iso install instead of a livecd install. I cant do anything and its really frustrating! I cant even perform as simple a task as getting vuze or pandora desktop to install properly