how to switch from gnome to kde

Not sure if this is the correct place in the forum to post this but figured it was closer to what i want than the others.

I just installed opensuse11.4 from a livecd and would like to know how to change between the distros.
Not sure if I worded that right seeing as i am not 100 percent clear what a distro is. This is my first day ever on linux.

If you mean you installed from the Gnome Live-CD, you need to go into YaST>Software Management and select the KDE patterns for install. If you have KDE installed, you need to disable autologin if you have it set, logout and then select Sessions in the bottom left of the screen. openSUSE will always default to the last session chosen.

Download the KDE Live CD and install all over again.

A distro is openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu. A desktop is Gnome, KDE, IceWM.

On 2011-04-12 08:06, turtle11c wrote:
> This is my first day ever on linux.

Some reading material for you :slight_smile: → startup → Using Linux

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Download the KDE Live CD and install all over again.

Sorry, but what for? He has a running system, why should he reinstall? KDE and GNOME can be installed side by side (and next to any other desktop environment or Window-Manager available).

No need to do this.

Go to yast->install software->choose the pattern option from the dropdow list “View” and check the pattern KDEdesktop. Apply and there you go.

Easiest option because he doesn’t know the difference between a distro and a desktop. No need to confuse him more with YaST and other confusing instructions. I believe he stated in the closed thread that he was going to download the DVD.

I welcome him to Linux and wish him a wonderful experience.

But that is not the best way for someone to learn. He’ll have to go trough this once, so be it now.