How to switch back to stock fan speed mechanism?

I changed the fan speed mechanism to fancontrol on accident and now my fan is stuck at full sped.
how to switch back to stock fan speed mechanism?

@40476 likely a pwmconfig file in /etc/ directory, or just run pwmconfig again… looks like /etc/fancontrol

still not working

Try to adjust in UEFI.

If you fooled around with power connection be sure the plug is properly oriented

Instead of letting all poke around in the dark…
You could start providing some useful informations like how you changed the speed. Which program was used? Which config file was used and what where the changes? Where did you make the changes? What where the changes exactly? Which fans: case, CPU, GPU, ? What means “accidently”?

The lm-sensors package contains help pages which explains some stuff. As example that fancontrol can be used with a config file. Did you use this file?

This basic informations would be for sure helpul to revert the changes.

changed with pwnconfig, all i did was run sudo pwmconfig, saved etc/fancontrol, there is only one fan on my laptop.

how do i revert this?

@40476 man fancontrol probably remove /etc/fancontrol file? Check sensors config. I suspect you did not let pwmconfig finish configuration?

@40476 systemctl stop fancontrol.service

would disabling fan control revert back?

@40476 I expect so, did you try? Did you read the man page?

i dont see an an option for reverting/disabling

@40476 Huh? systemctl stop fancontrol.service and systemctl disable fancontrol.service?

I see, just had not restarted yet, it is working normally again, thank you, otherwise i would not be able to sleep at night. :rofl:

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