How to subsrcibe to new postings in a forum

I try to follow all postings in one of these forums, i.e. I want to get an eMail notification whenever somebody posts in a given forum. That’s the way I’m used to track a forum and give my 2 cents to the community.

I tried to find a way to subscribe to a forum but unfortunately I can’t find a way to get this done >:(

Frankly I don’t think it’s impossible - but I unfortunately don’t find any way to get this forum subscription done >:(

Heya framp! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any option to subscribe subforums, only threads (I might be wrong, though, I have only taken a vague look in the “User Control Panel”), but you could subscribe via RSS-feeds, since not only the main-page offers them, but also every subforum.

Isn’t it even possible to view RSS-feeds via a mailclient?

As suggested by gropiuskalle I ‘subscribed’ to (sub)threads with RSS feeds. I use Akregator (embedded in Kontact and thus KDE), but use your favorite. This is how I found out about your thread :wink:

Thanks for your replies. Now I have a RSS link in FF and it works fine.

Good to hear.

Do you know whether it’s possible to use RSS to push changes instead of polling changes? It works fine with RSS in FF - but I actively have to monitor the RSS feed. That’s not what I’m looking for :-(. I just want to get a notification if something changes.

framp wrote:
> I just want to get a notification if something changes.

try using something like this:

it monitors a web page for changes and sends you an email if a change
is detected…

i’d guess if you point it at (for example)
you would get maybe 100 emails a day…

there are many others, see:

alternatively, you can just look at a clock…and, if the big hand has
moved a little then something has most likely changed in at least one
of the forums…


As said I use Akregator, integrated in Kontact, all integrated in KDE. This means that every 10 mins (configurable) it polls for new threads. It shows the number of unread threads in an applet in the Panel. Thus I can see at a glance if there are unread ones.

I tried it already and I get a list of all new postings of this forum with but when when I try to open one of these pages Akregator unfortunately crashes :frowning:

But Akregator works fine for all other feeds already configured, e.g. openSUSE News, Planet SUSE, KDE Apps …

Just managed to use Akregator for this forum on another box running openSuSE 11.2 with Akregator 1.5.4 and KDE 4.3.5. It fails on my desktop with openSuSE 11.0 running Akregator 1.2.50 and KDE 4.0.4.

@hcw: That’s a nice tool. Now I have to find out how to get rid of the Akregator crash on openSuSE 11.0 :\

Well, upgrading? rotfl!

That’s a reply I expected :wink: Yes - I wanted to go with 11.2 when it came out - but because I’m heavily using VMware server and at the time when I wanted to upgrade it wasn’t possible to install it on 11.2 I decided to stay with the old 11.0 version for now.

Of course I understood you have your reason for having 11.0 there. But as I do think this is a typical Akonadi/KDE bug my underlying suggestion is using the newer KDE on 11.0. You could search for some (hopefully stable) KDE repos for 11.0 with newer KDE.