How to subscribe with immediate email notification

In the previous forum ( , i could have an immediate email notification for each new topic. I think this was a great feature to follow what’s going on with opensuse.
The problem is that i can only have a daily email notification now. How can i have this immediate email notification to track each forum ?

I’ve read this forum and found no answer to this question.
On , i was able to track any new answer on any topic with an immediate email notification just by clicking on a “track this topic” option on any topic.
I found this option very convenient to follow some intersesting discussions.
How shall i proceed to get this feature on this forum ?

Hi Christophe,

Here it’s called a subscription to a thread.

There are a couple of ways to do this…
Every post/thread has the ’ Thread Tools ’ on the top right. Here you can subscribe to that thread (without the need to reply).

In your User Control Panel you can Edit your Options, there is an option for the Default Thread Subscription Mode.
If you set that (there are different grades you can set) you will get subscribed to a thread you reply to (or post).

To quickly look at threads currently unread by you that you are subscribed to hit the ‘User Control Panel’ button on the top left… you will have a list of them there.

Quite nice when you get the hang of it! :wink:


Thanks a lot, Magic31, i did all that for one thread that interests me. But , when i subscribe it proposes a folder to put my thread. And it proposes only one folder : “Subscriptions (3 threads)” .
Does it mean i can subscribe to only 3threads ?

I don’t know if there is a limit to how many subscribed threads one may have… I’ve got 200+ at the moment.

The folder a thread is placed in determains how frequently you will get a notification (by email) that the thread has been updated (daily, weekly, ect…)

I think you’re getting a proposal because you have not set a default in your profile settings.
You can manage and update how and if you like to be subscribed to a thread… There is an option ’ Subscribed Threads ’ you will find under the ’ Quick links ’ menu item.

You’re right.
Actually, it’s just displaying the number of threads i’m already subscribed to.
I have 7 threads now…
So thank you for your very kind anwser.

Now i have to solve my other problem :
How to receive an immediate email notification for each new topic in the forum i have subscribed to:
How to subscribe with immediate email notification - openSUSE Forums

Set the subscription to ’ instant email notification ’ (and also set it as default in your profile options if you want this always).
That should do it.


I have tried to set the subscription to ’ instant email notification ’ (and i have also set it as default in my profile options), but it does not propose me ’ instant email notification ’ . Actually, for a forum subscription, it only proposes me :

  • no email notification
  • daily email notification
  • weekly email notification
    Do you have an ’ instant email notification ’ to notify any new thread in a chosen forum ? If so, how did you manage to have it ?

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Hmm. I have instant email notification in my default options set. I am not getting any email notifications. I checked my junk folder also… but they are not there.

next step??

Have you been receiving email successfully from the forums previously in response to posts or is this the first time you tried?

Thank you for your response swerdna. Actually I think I have found the culprit. When I tried to contact the administrator of this forum, my email address was already filled in the email text box, and guess what? it had my previous email address. I haven’t used that address because I do not like it (it was hosted by $$$$$ “live”, so I cancelled it). I have already changed my email address in my novell account. Now when I try to change the email address this forum has cached, it always takes me to novell site, (where it shows my current email address). But I have mailed a request to change my email address to the administrators. so hopefully, they will respond to it.

Any way thank you so much for your concern. :slight_smile:

EDIT: DANG … I did not see u r administrator… :stuck_out_tongue: I guess you can correct it then… lol

Send to me by PM the email address that you now have at Novell and I’ll change it at these forums. Don’t display the address in a post, send it by PM.