How to submit OCI file?

I partially done PackageKit dependency resolution selection handling. I create packages with my version of packagekit. But… It is not listed on How to send one’s OCI file?

What is OCI? Where you want to send it?

OCI means One Click Install.
As I remember, previous of my packages were automatically visible on

I checked in repo and my packages are not in repo, but flag is “successful”. What can cause this?

If you post link to your project someone may be able to look into it.

Well, your package is called Lachu-PackageKit but spec file is PackageKit.spec and package name in spec file is PackageKit. I am not sure if this is expected to work. It apparently does nothing.

And the package names Bonsole…? Looks like you have not triggered a rebuild?

I use _aggregate file for PackageKit project.

Maybe that’s does cause errors?

Maybe _aggregate should be use for virtual packages?

Well …

When you aggregate ... package is not built within your project; instead, the already-built package is copied into your project from the original project.


I move _aggregate to separate package and now it build on SUSE/OpenSUSE servers.

It is visible in .

I will test installation and do screencast about it tomorrow.