How to stream media from Tumbleweed to Smart TV over Wi-Fi

Hello friends
I just migrated from Windows to Linux and I have a few questions:
In Windows 10, to stream a file to a TV (photo, video, mp3), I right-clicked on it and through the “Cast to Device” menu, I selected the TV or any other device and the file was played on it.
How do I do this in Tumbleweed?
Is there any way ?
I really need this feature.

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There is a program called “miraclecast” which is supposed to provide “miracast” on Linux:

There’s no official package, just a couple of community repos. I can’t tell however if it’s any good.

Ah, I have just seen you are new to Linux?
In order to install such a package you have to add the repository and the install it from there. It may be advisable to disable the repository later on so it wouldn’t interfere with your updates. Here’s some instructions:

The basics here should be the same for Tumbleweed as for Leap except the update vs. upgrade process:

Thank you for your help
I tried this program but could not run it.

1- Is there any other Official or unofficial program for adding TV as a secondary monitor wirelessly within the “KDE Plasma” environment?
As in the “Gnome” environment, there is a feature called “Gnome Network Display” that does this.
Is this feature officially available on OpenSuse Linux? As in Windows by pressing “Windows + P”.

2- I also want to play a file or a playlist of files Including ( photos, movies, Musics ) on a TV equipped with “DLNA” and “Miracast” capabilities But don’t know how !
There is a service in Dolphin file management called Send to Chromecast that was running, but even though I was disabled the firewall, was not able to detect the TV and it did not work too.
I do not mean media server programs such as “Plex” or “Kod”.
I do this in Windows 10 by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Cast to Device”. I searched a lot but did not find a solution.

Have any of you experts done these?
Other Friends and Experts have no comments? please guide me!

Thank you very much

I will correct :

I do not mean media server programs such as “Plex” , “Universal Media Player” , “Gerbera” , “Serviio” Or Any Other DLNA/UPnP Media Server.

About 1
I have never used the program to which I linked. But I assume it’s the only one available. If you have trouble getting it to run it would help if you posted what you actually did and what were the results. Other then can step in and give advice. Best help here is using a terminal / command line. You can post your commands and the results here, using code tags (the # icon.)

About 2
I am using Twonkyserver. But that’s a commercial program which was the only one on Linux supported by my Yamaha receiver. There is not much development anymore.
You can start YaST - Software Management and search for “dlna” (in names, description, key words). There’s a couple of dlna servers available. Again - I don’t know them.


I do not mean media server programs

Ah, forget about it. Missed the “not”.

If you want Windows - install it into VM.

You need a Chromecast dongle connected to a HDMI port on your TV, it doesn’t support miracast AFAIK.

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