How to store sensitive information online?

How to store sensitive information like hints to a password online in a secure fashion?

It isn’t clear what you are looking for.

If you are a KDE user, you could setup a plasma-vault (install “plasma-vault” with Yast or zypper).

No I am a gnome user.

Please, we’re not Google. Do some research first, and when you run into trouble creating that on openSUSE, ask here.

Sorry, my bad, I am new here.

Just a small intro into using Forums…
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A lot of questions may have been asked before, and depending on the advance of technology the answers may still be valid.
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For your question though…
A good basic approach might require a bit of understanding security which not everyone has…
You should understand that what you want protected and hidden from others might be described and defined different than another person.
So, first ask yourself who you want to protect your secrets from, and who can be trusted.

There are a couple things to know about when considering cloud storage…

  • Usually but not always, technical support for the cloud service has access to your files.
  • Your files stored in the in the cloud is not encrypted, but are typically password protected.

The above gives you a few things then to consider…

  • How reliably secure is the usernae/password you use? Can it be easily guessed? Do you use the same username/password where if one use is compromised by mistake or a bad service provider, how likely might a hacker try those credentials for other services you use?
  • Should you encrypt your files to provide another level of encryption?
  • How convenient do you want your files (Decryption might involve work on your part every time you access)

I’m sure there are more ideas to consider you might want to address.

Good Luck,

If it’s just a flat file, in Nautilus right click on the file and select encrypt, enter the paraphrase, the encrypted file will have the pgp extension.

OK, thanks for this answer which I found extremely useful to get to the right perspective on this matter. I know what I want to store and a third person wouldn’t have a clue as to what that means even if he or she somehow got access to the files. But they would be useful to me. So there is no need to encrypt, only password protect, using a strong password. Now that gives me the idea that maybe even dropbox is good enough.

I meant a file that is accessible online.