how to stop automatic logout/suspend?

i have a phone on my pc and quite often i have to login to answer it. it is important that i receive the call as it is cheaper than returning the call. how do i disable automatic logout/suspend?

You can tune your power options for this. A little more information would be good as way of setting this is DE (KDE, GNOME, etc) specific.

I’m not familiar with an default automatic logout on my system? Could be some other software or a specific setting is doing this?


sorry, i should have mentioned that i use kde on opensuse 10.3.

i uninstalled the kpowersave as i am on a desktop and thought it was for laptops. should i reinstall? thanks.

i hunted around in user management, personal desktop, but could find nothing.

i must say that it has been a vast improvement this last week. not a single telemarketing call.