how to start something under opensuse

I’m new, just have installed opensuse.
Now for example i cant install new version of mozilla.
just downloaded it and i cant understand which one is the executable in the package, so cant install it.
Also which ones are the executable file extensions, how to recognize it ?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Welcome to the forums mitkobombata.

Here’s a great online guide to help you get started:

Concepts - openSUSE

Almost all the software you might want to install can be found in openSUSE-specific repositories (from online software servers crammed full of RPM packages for openSUSE).

Concepts package management - openSUSE

Now, it is possible to install a new version of mozilla from a binary source, but it is far easier to install via a repository using the YaST package manager. The four main repos are OSS, Non-OSS, Updates, and Packman. There are others, but having too many enabled can cause package conflicts, which becomes problematic for new users, so avoid adding others unless necessary. Having said that, it is probably safe to get a recent version of MozillaFirefox from the Mozilla repo (see below).

There is an online search page for openSUSE. Searching for ‘MozillaFirefox’ yields Search Results

In particular, you’ll see that there is a Mozilla repo that you can get a recent version from. Click on the ‘1-Click Install’ to make things easier for you. It will start the YaST package manager, the repo will be added, and it will take care of the package install for you.

thank you, this helps