How to start my own program when boot

I use Opensuse 10.2(Gnome) kernel 2.6.18
I want to start my own program (like:“Ownprogram”)when I boot the computer.
but don’t want goto Xwindows or command line interface.
How can I do it.
Thanks in advance./

Create or edit /etc/profile.local and start the program from there. It will start during boot, before X, without you having to invoke the command from CLI.
To test, type ‘init 3’ on the options line in GRUB, log in to console and do ‘su -c Ownprogram’. If that does what it should do, simply add a line ‘Ownprogram’ to /etc/profile.local

Good luck

abosolutly good.
How you know it? from some books or learn by yourself?

Knowledge can be gathered in numerous places. I recommend reading, asking and testing. It’s called “learning by doing” by the way. :wink: Enjoy your time at the forums.