How to start Jack audio server

Can Jack audio server be used with Pulseaudio as the default? I’ve tried to start it from the command line and QjackCtl but all I get is error messages. I’m including a link to the png of the errors I get when using QjackCtl. I’m trying to use an audio editing app and it requires Jack.


may be what you want

That package is already installed.

You can replace pulse with jack with some possible problems but pulseaudio-module-jack is a shim between jack and pulse. Som jack stuff may be needed have you install jack?

Recent Forum thread about Jack problems…
You might find your answer in one of the references if not the solution to that @OP

Post again if you have a followup to deploying or configuring…


Personally last time I did this I was using cadence and it worked well, but I have never had time to get the package into the main repo is there and should still work as needed.