how to start gnome-terminal at login

Hello everyone,
I’m wondering what is the best method to start gnome terminal at login. I’m tired of manually start the terminal at every reboot… I must say I’m not an experienced user with such init tasks.
I’m using Leap 15.2 with gnome.

I am not using Gnome.

In KDE, when you leave an application open at logout, it will be restarted at login (well, you can configure this out). And you can also configure to start applications at login. Isn’t that a feature of Gnome?

(BTW, this has nothing to do with boot, only with login).

Maybe this will help…

Using pre-defined gnome apps like Tweaks works, thank you.
However I’m wondering how to start a graphical application at login can be done using methods like systemd services or init.d scripts.

These are (or were in the case of init) for system services/programs/deamons. Not for users in their GUI (or CLI) login.

Please understand the very important difference between processes that run for “the system” (often with root as owner) and those that run for the (many possible) users of a system.

You’re right. Thank you

Each user has systemd instance that is started with first login session. It can be used to start user specific programs. Actually, today gnome session runs mostly as systemd user services.

I know, but I had the strong idea that the OP was mentioning systemd system services as he combined the term with the term with init.d.

I assumed that for systemd user services there is a end-user GUI interface provided in the desktop when the desktop finds this useful (or the desktop provides an alternative mechanism to start things on login). Thus systemd user services is then something behind the scene for an end-user. But as non-Gnome user I may be wrong in this case.

I am not aware of any GUI to manage user systemd services.

Then the OP can only use what is provided by Gnome or start learning about systemd user services.

If the application is running, then in GNOME Tweaks, scroll to the Startup Applications, click on the + sign, scroll the list for the application you want to autostart and add. Else create a desktop file and place in ~/.config/autostart.

I’ll add my two cents.

I have an “xterm” session that starts automatically. I set it up with Gnome Tweak tool. It created a “.desktop” file in “$HOME/.config/autostart”. And it starts that “xterm” session in either Gnome or KDE (and probably other desktop environments, but not in Icewm).

I use tilda here on Xorg, if on wayland then there is a dropdown shell extension available…

How can it be done for the case of gnome-terminal ? thanks

I am afraid I do not have Leap 15.2 with GNOME so I cannot check how GNOME session is managed there. The problem is starting program at the right time, which means only when you login graphically and after gnome-terminal-server has been launched. In current GNOME there so you could make your service WantedBy it.

I think for pure GUI programs it is better to stick with autostart mechanism. Systemd also includes generator that converts autostart into systemd service units (again, I am not sure about Leap 15.2, it may be too old for this).

I run XFCE. In there, in settings, is “Session and Startup”. I would guess there will be something very similar in Gnome. You could just use xterm, simply click on whatever button would “add” a new startup service, and in the run box type simply


Of course, if you want gnome-terminal, you would do similar. To find the exact command, if you do not know it, simply right click on it in your main Gnome menu and choose “Edit …”. You can get the command from there. Or, if you have it in your Panel (Gnome has a panel, doesn’t it?) or on your desktop, right-click that and check properties or similar to get the command.

Hehe, of course: Do not change either of those when looking, and just to be certain, hit cancel. :wink: