how to start bash script application on boot in Opensuse Leap 15

we have a utility we want to run on startup. in terminal we run it with “sudo ./xxxxx” where xxxx is the application.
We have tried Gnome Utility Tweaker but that doesn’t give us the ability to start a bash script.
How do we do this? Thanks!!!

Hi and Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
You can create a simple systemd service file pointing at your script in
/etc/systemd/system called say script001.service containing;

# /etc/systemd/system/script001.service

Description=Run my boot script

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "/path/to/script/scriptname"


Once that’s saved, you can run, check and enable;

systemctl start script001.service
systemctl status script001.service
{if all ok}
systemctl enable script001.service

Alternatively, if it’s a “system thing”, you can use cron to to the job:

  1. Drop a cronjob file owned by the user who is to execute the command at boot time in ‘/etc/crond.d/’.
  2. Make sure that only the user has the write permission for the file.
  3. Content is something like this:

# No e-Mail
@reboot «User name» «Command or script to be executed … »

The Man page is: (5) crontab.