how to speed up dolphin

…I found dolphin enough slow to want to speed it up, in other OS’s is possible to preload in RAM the frequently used applications at login, is it possible to get this in opensuse too??
or is there a better solution??
manythanks, ciao, pier :slight_smile:

my system is running plasma 5.6.3:
PC=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
upgraded 13.2 to leap 42.1, using wolfi repos. I’m running KDE 4.14.18 and plasma 5.6.3, KDE frameworks 5.21.0, KDE applications 16.04.0, Kernel 4.1.20-11-default