how to simulate the mouse wheel with touchpad

using suse 11.4 and kde 4.7.2
in my dell latitude e6510 the touchpad works but doesn’t scroll, so if Ichoice to have the “globe” (the earth seen from satellite)on the desktop, how can I simulete the wheel to enlarge it??
thanks for anyresponse
ciao pla

Hi :slight_smile:

Go to systemssettings, Hardware section, input devices, then look for your thouchpad and enjoy the options left to you :smiley:

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doesn’t scroll means no scrolling action allowed, :slight_smile:
there are no options to scroll becouse touchpad is recognized as a simple mouse, so systemsettings is useless :-((

I think that means that the driver for the touchpad is not recognizing your device.

On my newish laptop, I have that problem about 75% of the time. However, with 12.1 rc1 (now installed there), it is recognizing the touchpad just fine. I am running syanptiks (under KDE), and it does have scrolling options. Personally, I use synaptiks just to disable the touchpad if there is another mouse available. But it will probably do what you want if the touchpad is recognized by the driver. If the touchpad is not recognized, synaptiks will just say that there was no touchpad found and it will exit.

I had to manually start synaptiks. Once started, I could configure it to always start.

Your best bet is to give 12.1 a try. Perhaps test with the live KDE release. And if that looks good, prepare to install as soon as the final release is available.

yes this is the problem, I know

yes, synaptics say that no touchpad found

I alreadi installed 12.1 RC1 on my laptop, replacing my hard disk, but didn’t succeed, touchpad doesn’t works.
my question was: is there a keystroke combination to simulate scroll wheel?? for example pressing click>ctrl>alt>arrow up = scroll up??