How to Sign Kernel Modules (or getting OpenRazer to work with Secure Boot)

I’ve noticed that the OpenRazer packages available from Build Service does not sign the kernel modules during the build process. Any attempts to load the keyboard result in the following message:

razerkbd: Loading of unsigned module is rejected

Looking through the OpenSUSE documentation I’m not seeing anything about on how to sign modules. I’ve also looked at the documentation at and it mentions sign-file script that appears to be in the kernel source. I’ve found sign-file.c but I cannot find a sign-file executionable.

Is there some documentation that I can use to sign the OpenRazer package modules provided by the Build Service or sign modules I build and install from the source RPM?

Can you post an link to the obs build of the package?

I downloaded the OpenSUSE 15.3 package directly.

Thanks! Let me take a look at those docs and see what I can do.

Maybe this can help, you have to modify the script because of different directories?

I looked at this script. The only issue is that the sign-file file that I found is C source. Still working on it. I’ll post something once I figure it out.