How to show shared directories from local netWork using Firefox.

I have several PC, all with OpenSuse 13.1 and KDE
All are connected to the internet through a router.

I have the IP numbers of all machines and can do “ping” of all machines.

I would like to access the shared directories using Firefox in local network.

How to do it?

I’m guessing you are getting your protocols confused; “shares” often refer
to SMB shares, and to list those you’d need some kind of SMB client.
Firefox is an HTTP/FTP client (among other things); I doubt it has any
innate SMB knowledge, so you should use SMB tools instead. You could do
this on one machine and have it generate a listing of those shares in a
webpage that Firefox could then access, but that’s not exactly what you’re
seeking directly.

Good luck.

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Dolphin is the Linux file browser and it is also a SMB/Samba (network) client.
Use Dolphin to access the shares. On the LHS under “places” click “network” then “samba shares”

Or you could type an IP address in the address bar of Dolphin, like this: smb://

I made a mount with a NFS and now I can access all machines

Thanks for the help