how to share the updates between machines in the same LAN

Hi there !
I’ve 3 computers running Tumbleweed in my local LAN.
I was wondering if it is possible to share the downloaded update files.
I mean, every update I have to download the update 3 times, one per machine.
Would be nice to download the update files once and share it to the others, saving my bandwidth.
Of course, the packages can be different and additional files should be downloaded locally to the specific machine.
All machines are the same architeture: x86_64

You can configure one machine to store all the rpms in the zypper cache via smb, nfs etc. Details in the man page or here:

There is the likes of rmt-server, while SLE centric it can add any of the repositories available, see here:

RMT mirrors everything (full repository). One could use caching proxy and extend caching period, like Lazy distro mirrors with squid |

I am doing that. It works well.

I have a large partition on my main desktop, that I share over NFS. I have a directory there which I use for Tumbleweed updates. It currently has 4 subdirectories:
packman repo-non-oss repo-oss repo-update

Those correspond to repos.

On each Tumbleweed machine:

I go to “/var/cache/zypp/packages”, and I symbolically link those 4 directories to here. Note that the name must match the alias used for the repo definitions. Three of those are pretty much standard, but people use different aliases for their “packman” repo. If there are already existing directories for those repos, you have to remove those before creating the symbolic link. Note that the alias is just the name used for the repo definition file (usually “/etc/zypp/repos.d/aliasname.repo”.

After doing that, I use Yast Software Repositories, and set the “Keep Downloaded Packages” flag for the repos that I am sharing this way.

After that, I just do updates normally. The first system to need a package downloads it, where it is then available to the others. I try to only update one system at a time, so that they are not concurrently downloading the same package.

Every so often (perhaps once a month), I delete downloaded packages that are more than 2 weeks old. That’s so the shared partition won’t run out of space.

Thank you both to teaching me about rmt-servers.
It’s looks like the right way to do that.

I will try.

best regards,