How to share Internet via SmartPhone

Hi, I updated OpenSuse13.1 to OpenSuSe13.2, in all previous versions I shared the internet from my smartphone to a PC without wireless card (via USB), because the connection was recognized it as a wired connection (with Network Manager)

In OpenSuse13.2 when I connect my smartphone to the PC it only detects it as a broadband mobile device. I made a lot of tests in order to share my internet as before; and I could see that when I configure the smartphone with Yast (Wicked Service) I can see it as a network card and not like a broadband mobile device, so I finally could share the internet from my smartphone to my pc

So I would like to do this with network manager, And I would like to know if you can help me!!

Thanks and regards

I dont know If you actually tested to config trow Networkmanager? Otherwise to change from wicked to Nm is:

->yast2->Network Devices -> Network settings ->First tab, Global Options -> and the first drop down list there (Network Setup Method). Chose Networkmanager service instead of “Wicked service”. You may have to reboot after the change.


Sure, I tried with network manager and that is my problem; because the only way I can share the internet as before is with “wicked service” in fact “hardware information” shows me my device as a network interface. And with that information is how I could register it in Wicked service.

When I register it with “network manager” never is detected as a wired connection.