How to setup Yast/Yast2?

I’m fairly new to Linux and have been trying to set up Yast and Yast2 in order to get started setting up with openSUSE. I have no idea how to actually get it set up and there is zero useful documentation based on quick Google searches. My distribution did not come with any setup for Yast/openSUSE (Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon), and I don’t even know which of the modules will actually help me with what I want to do (literally just install openSUSE to run .ymp files). Does anyone have the patience to run me through the process? Thank you for your time.

There is no “setting up” of YaST. You just use it to manage your system.

Install an openSUSE system and it is there. Start it (it will ask for the root password when needed) and you get presented a lot of modules to choose from. From software Management to Network configuration to User Management, to …

So better explain why you thing you have to set it up. And maybe more important, on what openSUSE system you tried to do that? You choose OTHER VERSION, but what version when it is not one of those mentioned there?

And no, when you use Mint, you do not use openSUSE and you do not have YaST.

First need to tell exactly what version you installed.

Second Yast does not require any setup. There are additional modules you can install but unless you are doing advanced stuff you generally do not need.


My apologies, I think I’ve just been royally confused by some guides that I have read for what I am trying to do. I only recently figured OpenSUSE is actually just a different OS entirely (yes I’m slow), so I think my question is ultimately invalid. Is there a good way to close/delete the thread so no one else is distracted?

Well, openSUSE is not different entirely (it is also Linux), but it is a different distro then Mint. And yes, distros differ. And one of the discerning things of openSUSE is YaST.

So, whenever you are getting tired of Mint, please try openSUSE. But when Mint is fine for you, please use it.

We do not in general delete threads. They are there for all to learn.