how to setup the colors in command-line?

hi there - good evening dear linux-experts

i run opensuse 12.3 - and i want to configure the commandline - tool.

how to setup the colors in command-line?

i want to have white back-ground and colored letters.

doable ?

According to your other thread I think you are using KDE, right?
So I guess you mean Konsole.

See here then: Konsole - KDE UserBase Wiki
You don’t have to add a profile as written there, you can also just edit an existing one (that would be Settings -> “Profile Management” -> “Edit Current Profile” then I think, I’m not near my Linux system atm).
EDIT: It should be:
Settings → Edit Current Profile…

You can change the background and text color (and font) in the appearance tab.

hello dear wolfi

many thanks

all went smoothly - now i have configured the Konsole