How to setup ctags in kde kate

I enabled the ctags plugin and configured it to scan 2 directories $HOME/MyCode and $HOME/Scripts
The command i used was this:

ctags -R --languages=C,C++

clicked on update and it seemed to work ok.
Now the problem:
If I go to the kate menu CTags and select “go to definition” and look at the database tab, the CTags command is completely different, the CTags menu → Configure shows my desired entry, but the Database tab CTags Command is totally different

ctags -R --c+±types=+px --extra=+q --excmd=pattern --exclude=Makefile --exclude=.

editing it doesn’t stick and i don’t see a way to save the edits in the database tab
What am I doing wrong? This is very confusing, why 2 command lines for CTags and why cant i sync them up?