How to set up steam local network file sharing?

Hello, I want to sometimes transfer games from my laptop to my desktop or the other way around with Steam local game network transfer. Setup guide

I have enabled the following ports in YaST Firewall + also added steam-streaming rule in the home network, however, steam still doesn’t seem to want to transfer files that way.

Any idea on what else might be missing? Streaming the game seems to work, I can also ping the laptop in konsole and it responds just fine. Both devices are in the same network, desktop is connected by ethernet, laptop is connected by wi-fi to the same router. I don’t think router configuration is at fault because I did manage to make it work somehow on linux mint some time ago.

Does it work ok if the firewall is stopped briefly for test purposes?

I have figured it out. I was setting those ports on home, but the firewall defaults to public. So the exceptions weren’t applied.

It’s a common mistake to make (especially for new users), and why I usually request the firewall config to reivew, and of course stopping the firewall to start with. Anyway, good that you found the problem and thanks for the update.

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