How to set up internet connexion using Alcatel OT x020

Hi all,

Can anyone help me setting up internet connexion using Alcatel One Touch x020 (3G UMTS modem) on openSUSE 11.1 (KDE4 Live CD installation).

The modem is detected when it’s plugged. Need help to configure it with yast and KNetworkManager.


the links contained in this thread might be helpful:

Am not able to configure usb modem, help required - openSUSE Forums

SLED10sp2 doesn’t detect the alcatel 3g usb cellphone-modem at all (not even after win-xp has turned it from usb drive to usb modem). That’s why i’m expecting eagerly the SLED11 release which includes usb modem detection capabilities and the new network manager to handle these devices.

You are using opensuse11.1; the ubuntu forum link may be the clue for you as you already have the new kernel & network manager.

Hope this info works for you…

Thank you for the link. I’ll take a look at and try to get it work.
I tried to connect on ubuntu 8.10 but didn’t succeed, that’s why i came back to openSUSE.

I’m lost, didn’t work for me.

I have recently downloaded SLED11 beta** and installed it yesterday. As I own the alcatel x030 usb modem, i am going to test it this week (if work allows some spare time) to check whether the new network manager/kernel handles it. I see that SLED11 has included usb_modeswitch on the dvd as an rpm package which is great news.

download it here:
Exclusive Access to SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
NOVELL: Downloads - SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Sneak Preview

As soon as i connect to the internet with SLED11, i’ll let you know what i did.

have patience!