How To Set Up A Network Printer in Suse 11.3 64 Bits ?

I successfully added/shared a network printer in SUSE 11.3 32 bit, but when I try on the 64 Bit box it didn’t work out very well.

What ports need to be open ?
Is it necessary to open port 631 in YAST->Firewall->Advance- >UDP and IPP ?(TCP 631 already open)
What services need to be running?

Here is the error log :

[16/Dec/2010:19:25:43 -0500] [cups-polld] CUPS-Get-Printers failed: Forbidden
XXX is my server IP

Thank you

I encountered the same problem, many others too. My install was an update to 11.3 over 11.2.

What worked for me was just to delete the printer drivers and then re-install, and of course re-booting after each change.

No change to the installed cups or printer ports was found necessary. My local usb printer is a Samsung scx-4200 and I also connect to a network printer clx-2160. The drivers are part of the Samsung Control Centre software.