How to set time ?

Since I change timezone in “Date&Time KDE Control module”, after every reboot time became wrong.
I had try to change file /etc/sysconfig/clock, but nothing has changes.
Is here another way to do it?

On 2014-03-07, kartashevVladimir <> wrote:
> Is here another way to do it?

Have you tried YaST?

The running system depends on the symbolic link at “/etc/localtime”. That needs to agree with what is in “/etc/sysconfig/clock”.

As another responder suggested, the best would be to use Yast, which will probably manage to keep everything consistent.

For temporary zone changes, as when traveling with my laptop, I just set TZ in the environment in my shell profile. The desktop software should all inherit that value of TZ.

A few lines from “.profile”

### check for a temporary timezone change.
if  -r $HOME/ ] ; then
        . $HOME/ 

If traveling to New York, I would create “” with

export TZ

and, on return home, I would delete that file.