How to set the mouse behaviour for Dolphin root/superuser mode

You use to be able to adjust the behaviour of dolphin/konqueror for a superuser so that a double click was required to open a file/directory (for example, see:

Now, in the Plasma 5 universe, Dolphin lacks such configurability. Instead, the user sets it via:

But how does one easily (without having to log into Plasma as root) set the root user’s mouse click behaviour ?? … I’ve tolerated the (default) single click execute/open behaviour in Dolphin for the su mode as long as I can take … I need to change it, as its absolutely asinine

kdesu systemsettings5

should work.

LOL, but of course! Thanksrotfl! … (I absolutely love moments like this –> when you realise/confront that you’ve been blinded to the very obvious (or, at least, to that which should be to yourself))