How to set the KDM login interface on openSUSE 11.4 KDE 4.6


I want to change the KDM login interface, I set it on System Setting > Login Screen, see picture below:

But, when I restart the system, and the login interface isn’t changed, it’s always the default login interface openSUSE 11.4.

So, how can I change the KDM login interface ?


In YaST - System - /etc/sysconfig Editor

The option:

Desktop - Display Manager - DISPLAYMANAGE_KDM_THEME = SUSE

Sets the SUSE login theme that you see. You can blank this value and press OK in the bottom right and then the KDE login theme you selected will be used. Here is the description of this setting:

Define the theme to be used by kdm. If empty, the traditional login
window is used (which lacks some features)

Notice the warning which says “which lacks some features”. The features include the session option on the bottom left of the SUSE login which allows the selection of different desktops. This ability will be lost if you change the login from the SUSE default. The ability to switch desktops from the login screen is a feature of the openSUSE Distribution and I normally do not recommend you remove that option. This function can be returned by restoring the DISPLAYMANAGE_KDM_THEME = SUSE as was the default.

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