How to set the default desktop #1 for KDE

Hi There,

Even though I have my kicker on the right monitor (my main display), my applications keep opening up on the left side monitor and then I have to drag them over to the right

Is there a way to set up KDE to launch all applications onto my main LCD (on the right)?

Also is there a way to add a second kicker onto the left side monitor?

Should be able to add what ever widgets were ever

In Configure Desktop - Windows behavior you should be able to set things as you want

You can also set the behavior for each app location so it opens where you want it. Right click the title bar of the window select More Actions- Application specific

THank You.

I also placed a second kicker on the left side and that one always opens on the left but it is strange to me that the kicker on the right side monitor also launches the applications to the left side screen.

I wish I can set it so that whichever kicker I use, it will launch the application on the same screen as the kicker

Thank you for all your assistance.

I finally got it working the way it should,

I just removed the kicker widget and then added it again and now it is working as it should