how to set svr-record in dns via yast


I set up LDAP und DNS via yast and it works fine. I configured DNS to use LDAP. But via yast I just can add A and PTR records in DNS. But i want so set SRV-record.

The bind-config-file is generated every time you start bind from the LDAP-entries, so it doesn’t make sense to edit them.

Does anybody knows how to set up a a SRV-record.

Thank you so far, fredfist

I think the YaST bind tool is limited in many ways. Edit the zone file yourself.

It seems that the zonefiles are generated by the bind-init skript on startup from the ldapentries, so it has no effect to change them and restart bind.

But I found the ldap-browser in yast. It seems it can be the solution. But there’s no description or documentation about it. I don’t know what and in what syntax to enter the record.
Maybe a good tool, but how to use it…