how to set runlevel for vmware

I’m having problems installing vmware - In an old file of (swerdna’s) it says go to - system - services manager and set vmware to run level 5. In my suse 13.1 system the services manager window shows default system target as (runlevel5) however in 13.2 (default system target) doesn’t even list runlevel5. How do I set vmware to runlevel5 in my new system? :frowning: Or do I even need to set vmware to runlevel5?

At top right of the window you will see targets this is roughly the same idea as run level. Select graphical which would be the same as run level 5

There are no “run levels” with systemd, which is used as default init system since openSUSE 12.1, and is the only supported one since 12.3.

“runlevel5” does still exist for compatibility, it is just a symlink to “” though. This hasn’t changed in 13.2, but YaST doesn’t list the runlevel* compatibility symlinks any more.

How do I set vmware to runlevel5 in my new system? :frowning:

You don’t.
Just enable it.
But I think that’s even done automatically by the installation.

Well, it appears you are correct! Thanks for the info. Now I have to figure out why vmware is not running?

Well, what happens when you try to run it?
If the kernel modules could not be loaded, you’d get an appropriate error message.

Try running it in a terminal window, maybe you’ll get some error messages there.

What do you get when you run “sudo systemctl status vmware” (or click on “Status” in YaST)?