how to set path in gnome on opensuse 10.3

hi guys,i would like to know how to set the path for gnome on opensuse 10.3,i have installed wine and i would like to run my pos software,if i run it from the terminal in the directory that i have my software it works but if i create a shortcut on the desktop it doesnt work,it does not find certain files,i am lost as i am new to linux so i would appreciate your help

This may help
Geoff’s Linux tips - wine

thanks caf,will look at it

When I used to use wine, I have to say this was tricky but mostly I would find the program in question would usually throw a shortcut on the desktop and sometimes a wine section in the menu would also list the application. Not having wine installed now I can’t just go and check for you. Remember there is also probably good help over in the wine forums.