how to set pam_kwallet in KDE


Since today I’m using Opensuse Tubleweed KDE. Untill recently I used Fedora Cinamon with the Gnome Keyring. As Opensuse cinamon is full with of bugs I’m trying the KDE DE. What I miss with the KWallet is that I can’t unlock the password store automatically when you log in to avoid entering a password twice. I know that I can do that by installing pan-kwallet. U used the wiki The website says that I have to “Create an autostart script file and mark it as executable” How can I do that? I don’t understand how. Can you help me?

As far as I know, you don’t have to do anything other than install pam_kwallet.

Currently, I am not using pam_kwallet. But I did use it back with Leap 15.0, and I did not need to do anything else.

In order for it to work, you need to use the default wallet (as most people do). You need it to use conventional encryption (not GPG). And you need the kwallet password to be the same as your login password.

If you simply install pam_kwallet before actually using kwallet, it should all work.