How to set home partition from my prev. linux

Hi! Have been using another distro of Linux earlier. Had a separate /home partitioin there. Now I decided to change a distro to openSuse, and I wish to use the home partition I have in my new system (without formating it, cause I have lots of data there, and I want to keep it). How can I do it? I want to have it as my only and main home partition, so the variant to mount it every time I want to use it is not a case.


In the installer from any openSUSE install medium, you will arrive at the Partitioning stage. It has a button “Import partitions and mountpoints”. This option assumes that you only want the system partition, i.e. “/” to be formatted. /home (and others) will be mounted like they were.

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As Knurpht says. But you story sounds as if you are afraid of loosing your data. And that would imply that you do not have a backup…

When that is true, your chance of loosing your data somewhere in the future is alomost 100%. And apart from making regular backups, before starting a major action on your system (like this installation) you should make of course an extra backup.

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Found to reduce (often difficult to resolve) problems for self easiest solution for new version installation was to do clean install to new** /** partition with a new /home partition.

After installed and updated, then can mount previous partition /home and copy all the /home/USERnames/Documents folders across to their new Documents folders.
Same for other things they want copied accross.

BTW keep and use same usernames, userID numbers, user passwords, also GROUP names and Numbers.