How to set GDM

Hi guys,

What do I need to change to correct the issue I am having where when I launch OpenSUSE 11.0 I am never prompted for a login or password? I only get this if I decide to log out to try a different window manager, for instance. I want to prevent the laptop from just booting right into the OS sans credentials.


Hi Guy,

You’re booting into runlevel 5, so you can change to boot to 3 instead (YAST), and you’ll get the text login each time, or you can give yourself a password (YAST), and see if that kills the autologin. Or, maybe someone knows if there’s a login-config, or login.conf or equivalent.

I always boot to 3, login, check things over, then start XDM or KDM or GDM or . . . and login again! Very thorough.


while installing the default is auto login to kde.
you can try to change to manual login with system settings

Start YaST, then Security and users, Users and Groups and select the
expert options button (bottom-right) then unselect as necessary.

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Got it. Thank you, fellas. :good:

de Nada. I should have said "I always boot to 3 UNTIL I get the system running the way I like it. Doing it each time just gets boring.