How to set display refresher rate to 100 Hz?


I have the following problem: My monitor (no flat screen) allows me to use a display refresher rate of 100 Hz at a solution of 1024x768 px, it consequently has to be flickerfree, and so it is under Win XP. Under Linux (opensuse 11 KDE 4.0 Desktop) there is always a slight flickering. How can I set the display refresher rate durable to 100 Hz? I tried to use Yast and changed the frequency ranges to 80, 95 and 100, but the lower limit is always resetted automatically to 74 Hz. Can you help me?

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  • emes2k,

start sax2 as root and set the correct monitor and video adapter.


Thank you for your reply!

Would you be so kind to explain this a bit more in detail? I am a linux newby and use KDE 4 Desktop.

You don’t need KDE for this. Press CTRL-ALT-F1 and log in as root.

Enter the following command :

init 3

en press enter.

Now enter the command sax2 and press enter. This will start the graphical server setup, make the necessary changes to the screen setup, do a test and save the changes (you get buttons and icons for this, you’ll find your way).

This hopefully solves your issue.

hello community,

i have the same problem - i ve played a lot with the settings but i dont get the 100 hz. its a samtron 96p monitor an a geforce 8800 gs - it worked fine for me at windowsxp for years but in kde there is only 85 hz.

hope i can find a way. some tipps?

To both of you. I am sorry to inform you but, if sax did not do the trick, then you need to modify the modelines.
I have a CRT monitor too and after eash upgrade I have the same problem. Anyways, try a google search for “modelines 100Hz” and your monitor and you will find a lot of answers.