How to set access permission for group in squid

Dear All,

I am using squid 3.0 on Opensusue,
but I do not know if I can block a certain group (which stored in ldap, such as group HRA) to access a certain website,
if you know,kindly please give me some advice on how to set,how to write rules in squid.conf

Any suggestion will be appreciated,
thanks in advance.

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I did this long ago with an old version of squid LDAP auth helper, but apparently that module is now incorporated into squid since 2.5. I don’t have access to that server any more so I can’t tell you if this tutorial is wrong, out-of-date, or more or less correct. But maybe it will be a starting point for you:

PaperCut KB | Configuring Squid on Linux to authenticate with Active Directory