How to separate /usr when installing openSUSE Leap 15.3?


I am installing openSUSE Leap 5.3. I would like to put /usr into it’s own partition. However, even when I select the expert partitionner during the installation, I see no option to separate /usr. When I create a partition, there is indeed a drop-down menu under “Mounting options” called “Mount point”, but /usr isn’t there, and there seem to be no option to manually specify the mount point. How can I separate /usr from the rest of the system?


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Since it’s part of the default btrfs then you need to type it in when you mount, don’t select the dropdown, just type in /usr and it will allow…

Thanks. I can’t believe it was that simple…

It is a bit confusing, you are not the first not seeing that that drop down list only shows suggestions, but that you can type anything (well, it should be a path of course) there.